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Vegetarian and Vegan Cuisine - regionally produced internationally inspired

Sustainable: We use as much of a food as possible and reduce our choice of food to regional ingredients and take into account the seasons and when choosing fruit and vegetables, we choose our ingredients.

We rely on fermentation and pickling, e.g. to use summer products in winter.

Responsibility: Raise awareness of nature and the seasons and thus the changing range of fruit and vegetables. Purchase of food directly from farmers or regional producers, or forests and meadows.

Internationally inspired: When choosing food, look in front of your own door and garden, but still taste internationally oriented, from Hanseatic to African and oriental influences, this also reflects the influences of our team in a certain way.

Health :“The main thing is that it tastes good” the approach is not enough for us. We want to offer our guests delicious food and drinks but at the same time do something good for the body and mind. This creates a comprehensive view of food and ingredients. Our intention is to show that you can eat healthily without compromising on enjoyment.

Enjoyment: A full-fledged taste experience is created from fruit, vegetables, legumes, nuts and wild herbs with different consistencies and flavors.

About us: Über uns
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